Theme 1: Understanding the Importance of Mental Health Promotion.

  • Introduce students to Thrival Kits™
  • Raise awareness and importance of caring for our mental health.
  • Simple, everyday mindfulness activities.

Theme 2: Respecting Yourself and Others 

  • Learn positive self-confidence.
  • Address peer conflict
  • Prevent social bullying and victimization.

Theme 3: Empowering Yourself with Knowledge of Your Rights

  • Help students to understand their human rights per the UNCRC.
  • Use an empowerment approach to do so.

Theme 4: Celebrating your Gifts, Talents, and Strengths. 

  • Build self-awareness.
  • Recognize their strengths.
  • Build students’ sense of resilience and hope.

Theme 5: Feeling Grateful for The Present and Planting Dreams for The Future 

  • Inspire in students a sense of gratitude for the present.
  • Promote a sense of hopefulness for the future.

Theme 6: Living Mindfully

  • Inspire students to practice mindful meditation both inside and outside of school.
  • Support their ability to see themselves thriving into the future.

Draw, colour, write an activity you practice when you feel stressed

Teacher’s Instruction

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