Thank you for your interest in Thrival Kits™. These mental health promotion kits were developed together by the Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba and Winnipeg and the Manitoba Advocate for Children and Youth. Thrival Kits™ were co-produced with teachers in Manitoba and are designed for Grades 4 to 6. Thrival Kits™ are currently only available to Manitoba schools.

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Please fill in the following information to indicate interest in receiving Thrival Kits™ for your school for the 2022/2023 school year.

Deadline is November 30th.

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    Project Lead Information

    A Project Lead is assigned in each school (or division). Project Leads receive important updates by email from the Thrival Kits™ Project Team and are responsible for ensuring all Facilitators (classroom teachers) in their school or division are kept up to date on the project. Project Leads could be a teacher OR school social worker, school psychologist or guidance counsellor, although they may not be directly delivering the program in classrooms.

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    Facilitator Information

    Please list the names and emails of the educators who will facilitate delivery of the Thrival KitsTM program in the classroom this year. This information is critical to our ongoing efforts to evaluate the Thrival KitsTM program, and improve our support to facilitators.

    Thrival Kits™ ORDER Information

    In order to remain consistent with the fidelity of the program, only students in Grades 4, 5, and 6 can enroll in Thrival Kits™. Because Thrival Kits™ builds on the relationships between students and their main classroom teacher, Thrival Kits™ should be facilitated by classroom teachers.

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    Following submission of the Thrival Kits™ order, a confirmation email will be sent to the Project Lead email listed. Reply to the confirmation email within three business days to adjust the order. If there are no adjustments necessary, you do not need to reply to the confirmation email.

    Devin Vermette
    Youth Mental Health Promotion Coordinator, Thrival Kits™ Project Lead
    Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba and Winnipeg
    Phone: 204-982-6136
    Email: dvermette@cmhawpg.mb.ca

    Note: Orders for kits will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. The delivery process will be communicated to schools by the Thrival Kits™ team. All Thrival Kits™ are being delivered to schools free of charge. Thrival Kits™ has been funded for the 2022-23 school year through an investment by the Government of Manitoba. We are grateful the support allows us to deliver this program to classrooms across Manitoba.

    For more information on the program, visit www.thrivalkits.ca