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Welcome back Facilitators! Thrival Kits™ registration is now open! Head over to and click on the registration tab to register for this amazing mental health promotion program.

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Don’t forget to sign up for an orientation session to get familiar with the Thrival Kits™ program! This 30 minute session will grow your confidence in mental health promotion and provide you with the necessary tools to make implementing Thrival Kits™ simple and fun! Orientation session will run every Thursday from 3:30-4pm starting Thursday, October 19th.

Sign up for an orientation when registering your school for Thrival kits. Please consult with your co-teachers to find the best orientation time for everyone to join. For questions about orientation, please email

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Engage with the new Facilitator Forum section in the Engage and Exchange Hub! A new feature of the Engage and Exchange Hub is the Facilitator Forum section. This is a safe space to share ideas and questions with other Facilitators. We encourage Facilitators to check out the Forum on a regular basis and post their tips and strategies, or pose a question to your fellow Facilitators. Engage in forum discussion for a chance to win some Thrival Kits™ swag!

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We are looking to name the Thrival Kits™ e-newsletter, and we want you to help! Submit a potential name for the e-newsletter and a brief
explanation as to why you chose this name to for a
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Thrival Kits™ Facilitator Resources

September already??!! Welcome back! It is that time of year again, back to school. This may bring up mixed emotions such as excitement, anxiety, overwhelm, or enthusiasm. All are normal, even if you are experiencing seemingly opposing thoughts and feelings at the same time.

Check out the Care for all in Education website to see how the CFAE program how help you today.

This article talks about a tool students can use for self-regulation: